Why Man Up?

You're already doing manly things on a daily basis, why not take it a step further? We know what you're thinking: "I've already waxed my handlebar mustache twice today and done (insert false number) push ups...what more can be done?

What if you had the opportunity to leave a real legacy? To impact a life forever? To change the game in your community and know that your contribution will have lifelong effects?

Infographic: 70% of our kids waiting for a mentor are boys, but only 3 out of 10 inquiries to volunteer are from men.

Become a Big Brother and spend as little as 4 hours a month showing a boy how to be a man. Whether you've got some free time one afternoon a week or over the weekend, our programs are designed to fit your manly lifestyle and schedule.

There are no feats of strength to overcome. You don’t need to be a genetic combo of Dr. Phil and Thor (though that would kind of be awesome). You just need to be your normal, awesome, manly self. It’s as simple as taking in a game, playing laser tag, or just hanging out together. By simply changing a kid’s perspective of what the world can offer, you can literally start changing their lives.

Man Up Today

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Man Up Today